Best Time to Visit Alchi

Alchi is the ideal place for those who have an interest in history and culture. As per common observation, the months of April to June are peak on tourism. That is why we believe that it is the best time to visit Alchi. Tourist season is at its full peak and the roads to the city open up after being blocked by heavy snowfall for nearly six months. All the hotels and guest houses get booked in no time.

But for those who possess a wanderlust spirit, the other seasons may have better opportunities.

Hence, we at Eladakh Tourism have broken down and listed all the seasons there are in Alchi and what it has in store for every kind of traveller. So go ahead, read and then decide for yourself what is the best time to visit Alchi.

Alchi in Summer (April to June)

The summer season in Alchi sees a maximum temperature of around 25°C and a minimum temperature of 12°C. That means, that it never gets too hot outside for exploration nor is it too cold which is unbearable. Alchi enjoys a favourable climate apt for sightseeing and hence, these months see the highest footfall of tourists. The availability of shared taxis, buses etc. is higher during this time. The accommodation facilities also are better as all hotels, hostels and homestays are fully functioning and servicing at this time. People from all across also visit Alchi in June to attend the popular Hemis festival and see the masked dances, play polo and partake in archery competitions.

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Alchi in Monsoon (July to August)

Alchi receives scanty rainfall since it falls under the trans-Himalayas zone which is a rain shadow region. The range of mountains protects the land from rain-bearing winds. It is the best time for bird lovers to see rear species of birds flocking at the riverside. However, there are problems that are caused even with the mildest of showers. Routes can be troublesome due to landslides and you must be prepared to spare a day or two from your itinerary of you get stuck. The silver lining to this season is that the rates for stay and travel get slashed down and it lifts off the burden on your pocket. So if you are ready to take a little risk, this is an amazing time to plan a trip to Alchi.

Alchi in Winter (September to March)

Winter is too cold and chilly in Alchi. The average temperature falls in the range of 15°C to -30°C. It is not advisable to visit this land during this season. Winter lasts for the longest period where the air is thin and oxygen levels are low. It can cause altitude sickness and loss of breath. However, with this harsh season comes incredible opportunities to scale new heights of thrill and adventure. Alchi adds to the inspiration of the daredevils. It has a different side to parade to its ardent lovers. Trekking in snow and making it to newer heights is a popular winter activity. It gives tourists the chance to understand the life of a Ladakhi living in the lap of the Himalayan mountains. It takes a lot of precaution and preparation from travellers and if you are one with a faint heart- this season and its offerings are not for you.

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