Best Time to Visit Kargil

Kargil is that piece of land that witnessed one of the most gruesome wars of our country- the Indo-Pakistan war. Its history, its grace and its stunning natural landscapes are worth a view and hence, knowing the best time to visit Kargil is essential. Only then can you make the most of your trip.

Being a land of stark contrasts and extreme climatic conditions, the most favourable time to plan a trip to Kargil is in the summer months- between April to September. However, it is very subjective as every traveller and their needs are different from a vacation. The festivities are also spread out over the months and each is distinct and celebrated with various traditions. So read carefully the below-given details on the different seasons in Kargil and their offerings and choose the best time for a trip to Kargil.

Kargil in Summer (April to June)

The massive town of Kargil prepares itself to be the tourism hotspot in April. The National Highway 1 D that connects Srinagar to Leh officially opens up for tourists to get to Kargil. It is the season that is eagerly anticipated by the travellers as the snow finally melts away and paves way for exploration. The roads and sightseeing spots such as the War memorial, monasteries, marketplaces, cafes, etc. open up to tourists after a long break of the winters. The temperature remains pleasant ranging between 20 to 35°C. Road trips and trekking trails are most enjoyed in summers. The scenery is stunning as you can still see plenty of snow.

Kargil in Monsoon (July to August)

Rains contribute immensely in making the picturesque vistas of Ladakh even more stunning. Kargil falls under the rain shadow zone and hence, receives very little rainfall. However, monsoons are not very safe. There are high chances of landslides and the road gets blocked for a day or two until it gets cleared out. There have been a few incidents of cloudburst as well in the past. The biggest advantage comes to those who wish to avoid crowds. The best discounts on food and accommodation can be availed during this time. Just be careful as the roads may have a lot of mud and your vehicle could get stuck.

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Kargil in Winter (September to March)

Winter adds its own charm to Kargil. It becomes a winter wonderland. Being a high altitude region, this season experience extremely cold climatic conditions. Kargil receives heavy snowfall and the entire settlement is blanketed with a thick sheet of snow during these months. The minimum temperature ranges between -5 °C to -25 °C. The highways also remain closed for nearly six months and travelling across the city becomes difficult. Hence, not many visitors prefer this season for travelling to Kargil because of the harsh cold weather. However, on another hand, these conditions are greatly appreciated by those who love snowy adventures. The cold desert climate is fitting for many adventure sports.

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