Best Time to Visit Turtuk Village

Worried about tourists flocking to Turtuk Village, not being able to completely soak in the experience because of the weather or missing out on the activities happening in the town? Do not fret for our travel experts at Eladakh Tourism have you covered. The summer months from April to September is usually the preferred time to visit Turtuk by all tourists. However, do not go by our word and read about what all seasons have to offer to you in Turtuk village. After that, you will know the best time to visit Turtuk Village as per your preference and needs.

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Turtuk Village in Summer (April to June)

The months of April to September sees summer season in Turtuk. The weather is favourable and the temperature is pleasant and enjoyable. Summers in Turtuk is unlike how it is in the other parts of the country. It is not hot and the average temperature remains between 20 degrees to 30 degrees in the day and falls drastically than in the evening. The beauty of the green valley and the Shyok River can be best enjoyed in this season. The month of July is the warmest time of the year. The skies are clear and blue and the air is dry making summer a tourist high season. Nature will be at its zenith during this month. The atmosphere is ideal for exploring the outdoors and enjoying all the festivities that take place during this time.

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Turtuk Village in Monsoon (July to August)

The whether in Turtuk village during these months can be unpredictable. The zone falls under the rain shadow zone and being a high desert, it virtually experiences no rainfall. The sun is hardly ever out and the temperatures are usually on a cooler side. However, it can get extremely dangerous because the roads get wet and the melting of snow further adds to the distress. The best advantage one can take of this season is that the rates for travel, boarding and lodging slashes to half. If you wish to visit Turtuk, we suggest keeping a day or two spare in your itinerary for delays in travel plans.

Turtuk Village in Winter (September to March)

Owing to the altitude and remote location, the temperatures in the winter season remains mostly below zero degrees. It ranges between -6°C to 22°C. Cold winds start to settle in September and heavy snowfall is seen from the months of December to March. It is very cold and a snowstorm is a common thing during these months. That is why it is not a favourable time for those wanting to go out on an exploration. Most roads leading to the village get blocked. The sightseeing places, cafes and marketplaces also close down for six months. However, the same snowy lands becomes a hotspot for adventurers who are wanting to indulge in snow sports. Furthermore, Turtuk is also home to hot springs that can be enjoyed in this season.

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