Best Time to Visit Zanskar Valley

The best time to visit Zanskar Valley, by popular choice, is from July to September. But there are several things a traveller must take into consideration such as the weather, what is it that they seek on a vacation, how long the travel itinerary is and also their plan of commute.

Hence, we at Eladakh Tourism have given below detailed information on the different seasons in Zanskar. Let us study the weather in every month with the help of that and the preferred times to visit the valley.

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Zanskar in Summer (April to June)

This valley after being cut off from the rest of the world for over six months now opens up for visitors in this season. Summer completely sets in the month of April in Zanskar valley. Temperatures in the day range between 20°C and 30°C and drops down to below 10°C as the day ends. This states that the weather in Zanskar is never too hot nor unbearably cold. Hence, it is perfect for enjoying and exploring the rustic beauty of the valley. The famous monastery festivals are also held in these months and it is the perfect opportunity to witness the cultural life of the locals. For those wishing to engage in white water river rafting activities, Zanskar provides the best opportunity.

Zanskar Valley in Monsoon (July to August)

Zanskar falls in the rain shadow region. That means that it does not experience heavy monsoons like the rest of the country. With shower pouring down on the valley, it would be lush green all around. The snow would have completely melted by now and the sight of frozen massive Drang Drung glacier will certainly leave you breathless. Weather at this time of the year is very pleasant and you will enjoy your journey to the fullest. The only challenge you may encounter is the fact that even the slightest drizzles can worsen the road conditions. The showers can cause landslides and the roads leading to the valley can be blocked.

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Zanskar Valley in Winter (September to March)

Owing to its high altitude, Zanskar experiences extremely harsh weather in winters. It lasts for more than six long months where the temperature drops to sub zero levels with the minimum being -2°C and maximum -25°C. September and October still stand strong for tourism as the road remains open. The weather would start getting colder by the day with mild winds blowing. Winters settle in with full force from November. It is bitter cold and only if you can deal with such strong conditions can you plan a trip to this valley. The roads also shut down till April, so there is no access to this remote valley. Having said that, you will see a number of people flocking here, on foot, to embark on the very famous Chadar Trek. The river bed freezes and the entire region becomes apt for trekkers. It is counted among the most challenging winter trekking trails in India inviting adventure enthusiasts from all across the globe.

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