Ladakh Weather in February – A Guide to Ladakh Weather Conditions in February

A Ladakh trip in February could be a once-in-a-lifetime experience! Can’t believe it? Well, you must plan this trip at least once in your life to feel how the mountains can make you fall in love with them within just a wink of your eye! A trip to this paradise land in the month of February has different meanings to different types of travellers. While some find it relaxing with almost zero hassles, some find it extremely enthralling as the ‘Chadar Trek’ is conducted during the early days of this month. Some find this trip to be quite challenging, and others find it soul-stirring!

However, before planning this trip, one must know the ins and outs of Ladakh weather in February. Here are some of the facts and weather aspects that everyone should know and follow ardently before planning a trip to Ladakh in February.

Ladakh in February is almost all about snow and its magical beauty. This is the month when the region mostly has a tryst with the snow. However, towards the end of this month, it leaves a sweet note for the brighter seasons. Due to the heavy snowfall, temperature remains much below the average level, and can reach up to a minimum of -10 degrees during the night. Though daytime temperature might rise a bit, it seldom crosses 3-5 degrees or even slightly more. Usually afternoons would be advisable if one wants to step outdoor to enjoy some activities. Still, temperature remains quite below the average level.

As snowfall almost remains at its peak, the vicinity gets very clear during the daytime. With this, visibility gets enhanced, and visitors can enjoy the magical views of the snow-clad Himalayas and other towering peaks from their hotel rooms. To note here, with the advent of evenings, one should strictly avoid outdoor activities of any types as temperature reaches the minimum level; staying indoor would be the best choice to make as the day comes to an end.

If you are a first timer to Ladakh, maybe you should not directly fly down to the region. Rather, you must spend some days in other colder region before you take a flight to Ladakh as this would help you in getting acclimatised to the chilling weather in Ladakh. However, if you have prior experience, you may not have to worry much, but taking precautions would help you get going throughout your trip.

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Road journey to Ladakh is another important point to keep in mind while searching for Ladakh weather in February. During this month, you may not be able to take a roadway journey to your favourite destinations as all the roads heading towards Ladakh remains shut due to heavy snowfall.

Both the Manali-Leh Highway and Srinagar-Leh Highway get highly affected due to the snowfall and remains closed for transportation of any types. Keeping this in mind, air journey proves to be the only way to reach Ladakh in the month of February. Almost all the major airports in India offers regular flights to Leh Airport.

Another important point to keep in mind while searching for Ladakh weather in February is how to pack your bag. Since you would be visiting Ladakh during one of the coldest months, you must carry enough of warm clothes and gears to avoid the chilling weather of Ladakh in February. Woollen sweaters, overcoats, heavy jackets, premium quality shoes and socks, stoles, hand gloves, etc. are the must things to be included in your packing list if you want to avoid the challenges of Ladakh weather in February.

Lastly, you should keep yourself fit enough, or maintain high fitness level to sustain and get going amidst such strenuous weather conditions. Besides, you should also follow a healthy mental regime to keep your mind free from all types of stresses related to higher altitudes. Above all, you should go thoroughly through how to plan a Ladakh trip in February while you are looking out for Ladakh weather in February.

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