Ladakh Weather in March – A Guide to Ladakh Weather Conditions in March

How is Ladakh weather in March? Is March a good time to plan a Ladakh trip? What are the precautions to follow if planning a trip to Ladakh in March?

If these are the questions or concerns that are boiling in your mind, you must know Ladakh weather in March in details. And in this blog, we would discuss the detailed weather conditions and whether it is safe to plan a trip to Ladakh in March or not!

As February comes to an end, March brings in a new vibe to the entire of Ladakh. Owing to the heavy snowfalls during the previous month, March month does experiences low temperature. However, by the mid of this month, as snow starts melting down, the entire region starts regrow its lost glories.

By this time, even though the temperature range stays within a range of -6 to 6 degrees, the month marks the beginning of new lives across the region. The landscapes start gaining their green colour with fresh sprouts all around turning the ambience greener in appearance. All these combined; the freshness of the vicinity combined with the shimmering beauty of the melting snow, could cast a magical spell on the visitors! It is surely a must to enjoy sight for the visitors.

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And to enjoy these magical experiences, you must plan your Ladakh trip by air as Ladakh weather in March involves snow, which results in road blockage. Both the Manali-Leh Highway and Srinagar-Leh Highway gets badly hit due to heavy snowfall, and remains shut till the snow gets cleared.

You may come across agencies or travel guides who may claim that Srinagar-Leh Highway remains functional in March. However, it is strictly advisable not to go with them as the road opens for tourists only by April. Also, as the lofty Rohtang Pass remains all covered with snow, Manali-Leh Highway too remains shut down. Hence, flight journeys to Leh proves to be ideal way to avoid Ladakh weather in March, and finally land at Leh Airport.

As snow starts melting across the region, one should not include any trekking, hiking, or other similar activities in their tour itinerary. Making way through melting snow could result in mishaps while ruining the entire trip. However, March could be one good month to indulge into sightseeing activities and other outdoor activities like excursion, village tours, monastery visits, and others.

As already mentioned, temperature by the mid of March reaches a stable state, hotels and other stay options starts opening their doors to visitors once again. If you plan a trip after gathering all required information on Ladakh weather in March, you can get better deals with your hotel or stay bookings. Also, as this month is not at all the peak visiting month, crowd across the region remains much below the normal level. Thus, you can expect better or discounted deals everywhere.

As the early part of March is quite harsh, you should always check with your hotels about the regular water supply. Due to the freezing temperature, the water pipes often freeze down, causing a huge scarcity of running water. Before booking any hotels or other stay options, it is advisable to check if they offer hot water or regular water supply even during those harsh days. Adding to this, as the entire of Ladakh starts coming back to its lost form, there could also be a shortage of fresh vegetables or edibles items. Before embarking on a trip to this part of the world, we recommend you to know more about Ladakh weather in March or how to plan a Ladakh trip in March, and prepare yourself mentally to cope up with such challenging situations. This will help you keep yourself motivated and make the journey pleasant for you.

Also, as the temperature remains within a range of -6 to 6 degrees, you should always focus more on how you pack while planning your trip. Do ensure to carry more of heavy clothes like woollen sweaters, warm jackets, overcoats, ponchos, and other warm clothes. A good quality sleeping bag, trekking shoes with warm socks, and good quality hand gloves would also help you avoid the cold temperature in Ladakh. Along with all these, you should also carry water bottles, energy bars and drinks, basic medication, skin moisturisers, lip balm, and other such necessary items to avoid extreme Ladakh weather in March.

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