Ladakh Weather in November – A Guide to Ladakh Weather Conditions in November

Ladakh weather in November usually marks the last leg of tourism season in the Ladakh valley. Though visitation starts decreasing by mid-September, and almost comes at a halt by October end, you may still find some tourists planning a trip to Leh-Ladakh in November.

The month of November marks the beginning of winter season in the valley.

With the beginning of winter, road transportation; especially through the Manali-Leh Highway gets standstill due to snowfall. To note here, crossing the Bara-lacha La Pass becomes extremely challenging due to snowfall, and thus, the entire route gets shut down withe advent of November month.

However, if you look at Ladakh weather in November, the Srinagar-Leh Highway still remains operational, and can be accessed till the mid of November. Post second week, even this route also gets shut down as the Zoji La Pass gets completely shut down due to snowfall. Even though snowfall does not reach the peak at this point, driving through the roads becomes very challenging as well as risky.

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Hence, if you are looking at Ladakh weather in November to plan a trip, you should plan it only during the first half of the month.

However, if you still want to plan a trip by the second half of the month, flight journeys would be only option. Planning a flight journey to Ladakh does not only ensures safe arrival in the valley, but also allows you to take advantage of the less influx of tourists in the entire valley. As tourism almost comes to a halt, you may get easy access to hotels and can book your accommodation at reasonable prices. But then, flying to Ladakh in November might not allow to book luxury hotels or other stay options as most of the hotels by the second half of November closes down their services due to the onset of harsh weather.

Once you arrive in the valley; Leh city via flight, the first thing you would experience is the chilling temperature. As snowfall starts, the temperature level start dropping down. As a result, the valleys and meadows also start getting covered with snow layers. This also causes the smaller water bodies to freeze down partially; some of the water bodies at higher altitudes freezes down completely. On a whole, you can expect a maximum of 6 to 7 degrees during the daytime, and can witness temperature level going below zero degrees during the night.

Also, with the freezing of the water bodies, the entire valley experiences water scarcity to a large extent. Even if you prefer to stay in hotels, lodges, or guesthouses, you may have to undergo water scarcity in the valley.

Adding to this, as temperature level falls down drastically, you must pack really well while searching for Ladakh weather in November and planning your trip. While packing for your trip; whether you are planning for an early trip or a trip by the second half, you must carry enough of warm clothes. Heavy woollen jackets, thick jackets, windproof clothing, sturdy pair of shoes, socks, hand gloves, and warm bandanas are the things you should not miss out at any cost while packing for your trip.

In order to plan a hassle-free trip to Ladakh in November, you should keep your itinerary as simple as possible. Ensuring most of your stays within Leh city would be the best choice to make while you are in Ladakh valley as you may not be able to find any operating hotels towards the outskirts of Leh or in remote places.

Electricity is yet another important point about Ladakh weather in November. If you planning your trip in this month, you may have to face frequent power cuts. There are several other factors that you should keep in mind while planning a Ladakh trip in November. To know more about these factors, you must check our guide to plan a Ladakh trip in November that will give you more insights about how to plan a perfect Ladakh trip in the month of November.

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