Leh Ladakh in March – A guide to How is Ladakh in March

As a country, India is blessed with a prismatic climate. And if you have to witness or experience the graceful changes in Indian climate, you must visit Ladakh in March! Why if you ask, the answer would be simple – you need to visit this part of the country to witness how climatic changes bring in magical changes into the vicinity!

Come winter, almost the entire region gets shrouded with a thick layer of snow. Also, as summer makes its mark, one gest to enjoy the untouched and virgin beauty of Mother Nature. Adding to this, spring brings in a unique crispiness followed by the openness of autumn.

Well, while there is so much to explore and discover in Ladakh, let’s have a look at how it is to visit Ladakh in March. Let’s know about how to plan a trip if you have to visit this magical land in the month of March. Let’s know about the things to keep in mind, how to pack, what precautions has to be followed, and other such aspects that would help you to plan an amazing as well as memorable trip to Ladakh in March.

How is Ladakh in March?

Looking at the climatic calendar, Ladakh undergoes quite a lot of changes in the month of March. This is the time of the year, when the snow layer all across the region starts melting paving the path to fresh grasslands and other natural beauties to bloom at their best. And as it is the beginning of the blooming season of fresh grasslands everywhere, the views all around simply gets enchanting, and cannot be replaced with anything else.

The sky remains clear allowing visitors to enjoy breath-taking views of the mighty Himalayas and its other lofty peaks. As the snow slowly starts melting, one can witness numerous temporary glaciers all across these ranges; the views and experience is simply above all and is second to none! If you are inclined towards mountain, this could be the ultimate time for you to plan a trip to Ladakh.

However, while there is a plenitude of positive aspects of visiting Ladakh in March, you should also keep an account of the probable negative aspects of visiting Ladakh in the month of March. As this is the time of the year, when the snow layer starts melting, commutation could become a bigger challenge; you can expect slippery terrains all around you. In such a case, sightseeing around Ladakh could give you hard times. If you are not so used to sloppy terrains, visiting Ladakh in March could turn extremely unpleasant for you.

Also, as March indicates the end of winter in Ladakh with January and February being the freezing time, the region almost runs out of its stock of essential commodities. The locals are used to this kind of situations, but you may not. And if not, you have to undergo serious issue with your food and living habits if planning a trip to Ladakh in March.

Another challenge that one may come across in Ladakh during this month is the availability issue with the hotels and other service providers. As the region starts regaining its lost charm in March, services across this region just starts regaining their usual pace. Thus, visitors may not be able to utilise or enjoy dedicated services in Ladakh in March.

Reasons to Plan a Ladakh Trip in March:

There are the countless reasons why you should plan a Leh Ladakh tour in March. Here are some of the reason that would surely make you plan your trip to Ladakh in the month of March.

Favourable Weather

The weather is relatively favourable than the peak winters when it is very snowy. The temperature starts dropping and the sunlight is experienced during a lucky day. Thus, you would not have to invest much time in coping with the weather or to get acclimatised with the weather.

The accommodation facilities get a bit lenient in March. Most of the hotels starts resuming their usual schedule, and are open to visitors. This would ensure you better stay options with better quality of services as compared with the other months of winter; January and February.

Water supply also gets better in this month as water doesn’t freeze down with the rise in temperature level; carrying out daily duties become easier.

Less Congestion or Traffic

Traffic is one of the most visible factors while on the way to Leh-Ladakh region. And this gets to the extreme point during the peak seasons. However, if you are planning for a Ladakh trip in March, which is the time for the region to regain its lost charm and life, you can always expect lesser traffic. Be it on the way to Ladakh or while within the region, you can manoeuvre freely and take advantage of the situation by indulging in sightseeing tours and other tourist activities.

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Pleasant Ambience

Ladakh showcases different outlook throughout the year. March in Ladakh is considered as the transition period. This is the month when temperature starts rising, the nature starts blooming again, visibility increases, and life once again regains its pace in Ladakh.
Thus, if you are planning for a trip to Ladakh in March, you would get to witness how this region comes back to life. You would also get to witness the pristine beauty of the region without any such or significant challenges. Maybe at times, you would come across challenges while strolling around, but vehicle transfers become pretty easy. This undoubtedly would allow to explore more and enjoy the many different colours of Leh-Ladakh region.

Optimization of Field Activities

During the lucky days when the sun lights up in Leh Ladakh in March, bike riding is permissive and can be done on roads that are not snowy. Some of the bans enforced to some field recreational activities are lifted up making sure that the tourist now optimizes the enjoyment they seek in Leh Ladakh. This s a relief to the tourist who may wish to have a direct encounter with the environment. March becomes a pinnacle of this enjoyment from enough space created by fewer tourists.

Better Network connectivity

Unlike most of the winter months, March stays pretty clear and obstacle-free. Owing to this, network connectivity gets better almost throughout the region. Even though visitors may have to face unavailability of mobile connectivity in the outskirts or across remote places, connectivity across major destinations gets better with the passing days of March.

Points to Note While Planning a Ladakh Trip in March:

Early or Pre-Bookings:

As March can be called as the climatic gateway to Ladakh, you may find quite a large number of visitors than expected. Well, in case this turns into a reality, there is a chance that all the available hotels and other service providers might not be readily available. Remember, as life starts bouncing back, things may not fully operate in Ladakh in March.

In such situations, you should never take a chance with the booking. Whether your hotel bookings or other services, you should always make a point to pre-book your services.

Group Tour Would be a Better Option:

A group tour to Ladakh in March is better than going for a backpacking tour or self-tour. This is because the company is better when you are going out for the filed tour with or without a tour guide. A lone tour is still achievable but a group tour is better and recommended.

Group tour also helps largely in cutting down the overall cost of accommodation and transportation. Bulk booking usually gets accompanied with discounts or reduced cost. Thus, if you are planning for March trip to Ladakh, you should consider planning with a group rather than travelling solo.

Hire Local Tour Guides:

Again, taking a tour guide with regardless of your past experience and familiarity with the area is recommended. These guides are most familiar with the area and remain to be the best people who can facilitate narrations of the places and present caution to any activity that the tourists may admire to engage in while in the fields. Tour guides here also have the experience to respond to emergencies better and may prove a lot of relevance in cases of accidents and emergency recovery to the tourists. It is therefore to include costs related to tour guides hire in your budget.

Simplified Itinerary to Visit Ladakh in March:

Day 01: Arrive in Leh and spend the rest of the day at total leisure.

Day 02: Use this day to get acclimatised to Ladakh’s climate. Utilise the evening to explore the local or nearby areas.

Day 03: Embark on a trip to Kargil; enjoy sightseeing on your way.

Day 04: Drive back to Leh town and spend the rest of the day at leisure or in exploring local areas.

Day 05: Plan a trip to Nubra Valley; drive back to Leh in the evening to spend overnight at the hotel.

Day 06: Enjoy a half-day tour to the scenic Pangong Tso lake; drive back to Leh for your overnight stay.

Day 07: Another half-day trip to Tso Moriri followed by driving back to Leh in the evening.

Day 08: Utilise this day as a buffer day; you can also plan short trips around the nearby places on this day.

Day 09: Depart Leh; fly back to your next or home destination.


The month of March holds an incomparable experience for tourists choosing to tour Leh Ladakh. The transiting weather conditions are a good dare and the green landscape sceneries view of melting ice in the fields gives a very close raw encounter with nature. Being a low season of tourism, Leh Ladakh in March will give you some peace of mind from the less traffic in the tour areas. The touring prices are also well-negotiated during this season making you save enough and yet still experience lifetime memories.

In other words, you must not miss out a trip to Ladakh in the month March; step out of your comfort zone to get Leh’ed!

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