Leh Ladakh in May – A Guide to Plan a Ladakh Trip in May

How about visiting Ladakh in May? Will it be a good idea if you wish to visit Leh-Ladakh region in the month of May? Well, if too have the similar questions in mind, here we will be sharing some tips and guidelines so that you can decide well whether to visit Ladakh in May or not; stay tuned till the last!

If you are an avid follower of Leh-Ladakh, and is yearning for the idyllic time to visit and explore the untouched beauty of this part of the country, May month could be your perfect host! In fact, this is the month of the year that is often revered as one of the most promising months to visit Ladakh.

Now that if you ask, you may ask why the month of May is considered as the best time to visit Ladakh. Well, May months is almost the mid-phase of the year. This is the time, when the seasonal transition occurs at full swing in Ladakh, which in turn, marks the beginning of the tourism season in the region. During this month, all the routes to Ladakh resumes their operation making way for the bikers, backpackers, and all other classes of travellers.

Throughout this month, the region experiences absolutely pleasant climate. Temperature remains moderate as compared to the high elevation of Ladakh. While day temperature remains moderately warm, nights may get a bit crispy. However, on a whole, the temperature level remains within all tolerable limits.

Adding to all these, all the routes to remote tourist destinations also open up during the month of May. If you are planning a trip to Ladakh in May, you can have a remarkable itinerary as in this month, almost all the major tourist destinations can be accessed without any difficulties or seasonal obstacles.

How to Reach Ladakh in May?

Air travel is always considered as the best as well as easiest way to reach Ladakh throughout the year. However, if fun and thrill are the things you are craving for, you should always plan road trip to Ladakh. And in case, you are planning for a trip to Ladakh in May, you can plan your trip via Srinagar-Leh Highway and Manali-Leh Highway.

Ladakh through Srinagar-Leh Highway:

A road trip to Ladakh in May via Srinagar-Leh Highway is a pleasant and equally pleasing experience. By the time May month approaches, most of this route gets cleared, and it get ready once again to cater to the road trippers. However, one needs to check with the local authorities or service providers before embarking on a road trip to Ladakh in May via Srinagar-Leh Highway as at times, the route may not be open to commuters or travellers due to weather conditions.

And while talking about hindrances due to weather, one should also note down that due to bad conditions, avalanches take place close to the Zoji La Pass that causes the road blockage. Once these get cleared, communication resumes all over again, and the route is cleared to continue with the journey to Leh.

To note here, it is advisable not to embark on a road trip to Ladakh in May via this route during the early days of the month for this could be the peak time of avalanche effect in the region.

Ladakh through Manali-Leh Highway:

Manali-Leh Highway remains closed during the early days of May as the route still remains under the clutches of snow. Most of the times, even the cleared sections also get into a bad state due to the effect of the snow on the road. This on a whole, results in temporary blockades of the route.

Nonetheless, towards the end of May, the Manali-Leh Highway gets back to life and starts alluring travellers to embark on their trip to Ladakh in May. The route opens up completely and even public transport also becomes available post the first weeks of June. Hence, if you admire to do Leh-Ladakh trip via Manali-Leh Highways, you have to keep your travel days at the very end of May or even the beginning of June for you to be assured that the road is available for transportation.

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Some shared Taxis are available in Srinagar for transport to Leh Ladakh. However, it is advised that if budget is not a constraint for you, or if you are looking for easier ways to reach Ladakh in May, you should always prefer flight journeys to reach your dream destination. This is because it will ease your cost of having to put up with some rough road and also save you the tiredness associated with navigation through rugged terrains, tricky roads, treacherous slopes, and others.

Points to Note if Visiting Ladakh in May:

Leh Ladakh Roads in May

Be it about reaching Leh-Ladakh or manoeuvring across Leh-Ladakh, most of the road regains operation in May month. Starting from Srinagar-Leh Highway and Manali-Leh Highway, other roads that connect Leh with most of the tourist destinations in Ladakh also open up in this month.
Thus, visitors get rewarded with easier and safer mode of communication. While approaching towards Leh-Ladakh, one can hire private taxis or rental car services to ease up the journey. On the other hand, once they are in Leh, they can once again book local tour operators; who mostly offer safari jeeps to transfer visitors’ groups. Jeeps are still considered as the most reliable mode of communication while tripping around Leh and other popular tourist destinations in Ladakh.

Accommodation Facilities

May marks the beginning of tourist season in Leh Ladakh. Almost all the accommodation facilities gear up once again to cater to the needs and requirements of all the visitors to Leh-Ladakh region. In this month, it is once again advisable to make prior booking as the influx of visitors starts increasing, and soon, local hotels and other stay options may run out of rooms and services.

However, because it is the start of the season and tourist traffic is manageable, you can land accommodation facilities upon arrival at well-bitted prices. The environment in these facilities is conducive to running warms and cold showers; piped water and the best of washroom utilities against the conditions in January where you are only supplied with an open hole squatting washroom facility.

Clothes for Leh Ladakh in May

Be informed that weather conditions in Leh Ladakh in May remains unpredictable during the day. This means that the sun will be lit but with the occasional cold wind blowing. Moreover, because of the low room temperature, you may feel cold when in shaded areas. Therefore, you are advised to rock into both light and some heavy stuff. A good light woollen jacket with a hoody may do you well over your cotton clothes. Be flexible to adjust your clothes until you feel comfortable for the day. You can rock some good sport shoes. If this is not available then ay shoes with a good sole that is griped well may do you some good experience in Leh Ladakh.

Book your flight early enough

Anyone planning for a Ladakh trip in May via flight, they must book their flights much prior to their flying date. As already mentioned, May month is the opening of the tourism season across Leh-Ladakh region, thus, the number of visitors flying in and out from the region increases tremendously, making it pretty tough or difficult to get available tickets.

Also, due to the huge influx of visitors from all across the globe, the ticket price may spike up without any prior notice. If you are concerned about your budget, you should definitely book your flights much earlier and be stress-free!

Hire Only Local and Certified Tour Guides

Whenever planning a trip to a new destination, it would be always wise to opt for a guide. And in case, you are able to find a local guide, you would be ensured with all the fun and excitement. Adding to this, if the local guide is from a certified agency, you can always rely on the fact that your tour is simply going to be much exciting and a fun-filled one.

While planning for a trip to Ladakh in May, you should always check out for local guides from verified sources and agencies. With local and certified guides, you can save plenty of time while manoeuvring from one location to the other. Moreover, they are the best source of information while visiting remote places and other tourist attraction points.

Keep Some Buffer Days

Ladakh reaches an average height of 3,000m. above the sea level. Keeping this in mind, once should always be careful about getting acclimatised with the different climatic conditions at higher altitudes. Any simple error at such lofty height could end up in inviting unpleasant and challenging situations. Thus, while planning on the tour itinerary to Ladakh in the month of May, one should include some buffer days in their itinerary to settle down and get acclimatised with the prevalent weather conditions.

Why You Should Visit Leh Ladakh in May?

There could be ample of reasons to visit Ladakh in May. However, here are some of the main reasons that would surely entice you to plan a trip at the earliest:

Favourable Weather Conditions

May is the month, the entire Ladakh starts breathing again. It is the month wherein the shimmering beauty and charm of this region starts taking over the visitors with all glitz and glories. This is also the time, the temperature in Ladakh region starts rising up. Days mostly get sunny with an average temperature range of 15-20 degrees. Even if not heavy clothes, warm clothes would do the job of keeping you warm while you unravel the magical beauty of Ladakh in May.

However, temperature during the night usually falls down, and stay limited to somewhere around 6 degrees. Thus, keeping a warm blanket or putting on heavier clothes would keep you get going. On a whole, if you are planning for a trip to Ladakh in May month, you would surely enjoy the weather conditions, and could utilise the max out of it.

An Array of Activities to Enjoy

As snow starts melting with the region getting cleared, it opens up an exciting range of activities for the visitors. With the roads getting cleared, visitors get to indulge in different types of biking tours and activities. Jeep safari tours also resume operation during this month. Local sightseeing tours also reaches its peak as the atmosphere gains much clarity and roads getting clear.
Starting from May, the local village tours or tours to remote parts also comes alive. If you are planning for a Ladakh trip in May, you will get plenitude of opportunities and options to join these tours and explore the untouched beauty of Ladakh at its best.

Less Crowd

With the beginning of May, Ladakh welcomes it tourism season. With the advent of this month, the roads get cleared off, most of the hotels open their doors once again, tourist attractions across the regions also gets ready for the visitors, and other major tourist destination also comes alive.

With all these positive and inviting changes all around, visitors from different parts of the globe starts planning their trip to Ladakh in May. Hence, if you already have a plan ready to visit this part of the country, you would get to enjoy the region without much congestion or crowd. Also, as most of the visitors are yet planning their trip, there are higher chances that you would be able to avail much discounts across hotels and while booking other services.

Better Services

As mentioned earlier, the month of May brings in all the lost charm and appeal of Ladakh. With snows getting cleared all over, the region starts becoming clear, and thus, most of the services across the region also regains their operation.
Planning a visit to Ladakh in May, thus, ensures better range of services. Be it hotel bookings or accommodations, transfer services, local tours, and other services, you would always be promised with better, budget-friendly, and committed services in Ladakh in May.

Things You Need to Keep in Mind in Ladakh in May:

1.Acute Mountain Sickness (AMS) or Altitude Sickness may get fatal with people having less immunity or fitness. Always ensure to get properly acclimatised with higher altitude to fall sick due to AMS or Altitude Sickness.

2.Network connectivity remains an issue to the interiors of Leh with only post-paid network functioning in Leh Ladakh.

3.The unpredictable weather conditions during the day may prove a challenge to people who are not very flexible in removing and adding up on the clothing to relieve and retain warm.

Simplified Leh Ladakh itinerary for May by Flight route

Day 01: Arrive in Leh Ladakh by air and spend the rest of the day at leisure.

Day 02: Have a leisure day to get acclimatised followed by local sightseeing by evening.

Day 03: Trip from Leh to Lamayuru; return to Leh for overnight stay.

Day 04: Full day trip Diskit; check-in into a hotel in Diskit for overnight stay.

Day 05: Drive back from Diskit to Leh.

Day 06: Day trip Pangong Tso; overnight stay near Pangong Tso.

Day 07: Return drive from Pangong Tso to Leh

Day 08: Full day tour to Tso Moriri followed by overnight stay.

Day 09: Return to Leh; overnight stay in Leh.

Day 10: Return flight from Leh.


A tour to Leh Ladakh in May opens many doors to revel in the miraculous beauty of Mother Nature. Whether you a leisure traveller, thrill seeker, solo backpacker, romantic couple, or any other types of travellers, you can always bet on a Ladakh trip in the month of May. Plan a trip to this paradise to delve deep into its bosom to witness, explore, and enjoy Ladakh like never before!

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