Leh Ladakh in September – A Detailed Guide to Plan a Trip to Ladakh in September

Ladakh is a beautiful place with mountains and a cold desert. If you want to visit a site with some of the most serene mountain landscape and crystal-clear blue lakes, Ladakh is the place for you. If you are wondering whether September will be an excellent time to visit the area, do not worry. We have a guide that describes in detail the various aspects of a Ladakh trip in September.

September – the monsoon becomes milder, and the place becomes dry. The fixing of broken or damaged roads is almost complete by this time. It is an excellent time to visit as it passes the monsoon season, and the winters have yet not approached. In the coming months, the whole place will be freezing. September offers a small widow to tourists and travelers to visit Ladakh and enjoy the unmatched natural wonders. The temperatures are average during the day, but during the night-time, it remains a cold location. If the monsoon extends to September, there may be a few problems like road blockages and power cuts, but it is infrequent.

If you would like to plan a trip to Ladakh, September is a good time, and you will get to enjoy a lot more. There may still be some restrictions to travel, but they do not often occur, and dealing with them is more comfortable compared to the winter months. In the guide, we are going to have a detailed look at various aspects of a trip to Ladakh and inspire you to get off your couch and plan a trip to Ladakh in September!

It is by this time that all the harsh conditions of monsoon have nearly ended, and the more stringent climatic conditions of winter are yet to begin. If you cannot control the thrill-seeker in you and are planning for a quick trip in September, you are good to go. The place offers a lot of opportunities to have fun and enjoy adventure activities like bike riding, rafting, and going to some of the highest positions in the country. In September, you will have all the facilities. The scope for exploration becomes more comprehensive, and you will be able to visit a lot of places.

Some Pre-requisites to Plan a Trip to Ladakh in September:

Avoid the Road if You are a First-Timer

It would rather be recommended that do not plan a road trip if you have never been to Ladakh before. Make sure that you have already been to Ladakh at least once before planning a road trip in September. Even though the repairing of roads is complete by then, but there are still chances of landslides and other obstacles.

Get Acclimatised Beforehand

Make sure you are comfortable at higher altitudes before you start your trip to Ladakh in September. A great move would be to spend the first few days at lower altitudes and get adapted to it, and then advance towards the higher elevations.

Try to Stay Fit

If you have already experienced living in the plains for a long time, it will be very tough for you to adapt to the atmospheric conditions in Ladakh. As you advance towards higher elevations, there are chances that you might suffer from Acute Mountain Sickness (AMS). Being physically fit and immune is a pre-requisite to sustain mountain sickness. If you are planning to go to Ladakh, make sure to prepare yourself mentally as well as physically.

Keep Your Documents and Permits Safe

If you want to visit to a lot of places like Pangong Tso and Nubra Valley, you will require inner-line permits. These permits are available at the magistrate’s office in Leh. Carry your valid ID proofs to get these permissions, and make photocopies of the licenses you get. You will need those while on your way to remote locations.

Stay Cautious; Stay Safe

Before heading on a Ladakh trip, make sure to inform your friends and family members. It is important because the roads in Ladakh are not too safe for amateurs, and therefore, your family must know about your whereabouts.

Tips on Visiting Ladakh In September:

Regardless of a few minor difficulties in staying at Ladakh in September, planning a Ladakh trip during September will be an excellent experience for you! As already mentioned, this is one of the peak months, so the region witnesses a considerable influx of tourists during this month. Thus, travellers during this month, get to enjoy the strange beauty of Ladakh with a lesser crowd around. For adventure seekers, it is an ideal time for a trip to this part of the country. In addition to all this, here are a few aspects that one should consider when planning a Ladakh trip in September:

Weather in Ladakh in September

As earlier said, this is a transition month between monsoon and winter, and autumn will begin to show changes in wind conditions. In the first half of September, day temperatures will remain warm, and you will see sharp temperature drops at night. We advise you to make your September visit in the first half of the month to avoid the bitter cold days of late September, where autumn will creep in almost in full swing. During this period, you may experience rain showers in the lower regions like Leh. Due to this, in late September, some snow can be seen in the inaccessible mountain tops. The rains are light showers, but the cold winds drop the temperature in the region.

Clothes to Wear in Leh Ladakh in September

With the prevailing weather conditions that you will witness in September, you need to pack your clothes wisely. During the daytime, light sweaters and jackets will work. But for the night, you still have to pack heavy woollen warmers, a windproof jacket with a hoody to cover your head and gloves. It is a requirement for the months, including September to all of winter. At the beginning of September, daytime temperatures will remain warm.

Hotels in Ladakh in September

It is a fact that the months from May to October make up the peak season for tourist visits to Ladakh. Therefore, during September, all hotels are operational and experience a good number of tourists. The service providers remain on the grounds providing services. It happens for some time, and in early October, they start winding up the season, and hotels do not operate throughout winter. September is also drifting time for tourists, and you will find a fewer number of tourists compared to July and August. You may be able to spot destinations that are quiet and without a lot of tourists during this month.

Keep Buffer Days in Your Itinerary

Ladakh is a special place for a tour as it is 3500 meters high in the mountains of Himalayas. The weather in the area is very unpredictable, and it may change at any moment. You should include buffer days in your plan. Also, keep a separate budget for conditions like blockades due to weather. It may be helpful in case of emergencies that cause a delay in your planned duration of the visit. In the extra days, you will cover up for all the delays.

Avoid Staying Outside Leh at Night:

Leh is one of the most stable locations, and you will have no problems with network connectivity or ATM services. It is the only place in Ladakh that will provide you all kinds of assistance if you are planning a trip to Ladakh in September. You can always expect to have proper accommodation options around this city. If you plan to stay overnight anywhere other than Leh, you might not be able to have a comfortable stay at all. Safety is another issue if you plan to stay away from this city.

Rely on Certified Rental Services:

While you are in Ladakh in September, you will have regular transportation services, either governmental or any other private rental services. Sometimes, things get a little dangerous as landslides become frequent, and with all the uncertainties in mind, you should always go with the certified transportation services.

Also, as September is a peak season, so there may be some crowd. Book the tickets before you arrive. It is a piece of advice you should follow to have comfortable transportation in Ladakh in September!

Plan as Smaller Groups:

If you are planning a group trip, you must consider the pros and cons of going in large groups. While you may be able to avail of a few benefits like discounts on accommodation but there are a few downsides to a larger group.

While visiting Ladakh in September, it becomes a little convenient for you if you have a smaller group with you. If you are a solo traveller, it is much better. In a larger group, you will have to book larger rooms, and that might come with an inflated price tag. Transportation for a large group is also tricky as regular taxis won’t work for you, and you will have to book buses. One more challenge with a larger group is that you will not be able to enjoy the silence in the mountains fully.

Be Mentally Prepared for Different Challenges:

Even if you go on a trip to Ladakh in September, there will always be some kind of difficulties. Once you have made plans for the trip, you will have to take care of a lot of things; building a to-do list, packing important stuff, preparing an itinerary, and many more. While doing all this, a thing to keep in mind is that you need to maintain a healthy mental state. Your mental strength will take you high in the mountains, help you remain calm.

Why Should You Plan a Trip to Ladakh in September?

Good Conditions of Roads

By September, BRO completes the fixing of the broken sections of ways, and therefore it is ideal for a road trip tour to Leh and even to the interiors of Ladakh. There may be causeways of that give some trouble, especially to bikers, but it is easy to navigate and pass through them.

Reduced Tourist Traffic

Though tourist is still there in enough numbers in Ladakh, the figures are not comparable to months preceding September, and therefore you will have ample time doing site seeing without a lot of crowds distracting you.

Beautiful Landscapes

The winding-up summer and monsoon leaves a vibrant scene. It remains very appealing to the eye even during September. Ladakh becomes an ideal place for photographers during this month, and also it is accessible.

Availability of Utilities

September is part of the tourist season, and therefore service providers are still operational and running. They provide essential services like accommodation and car-rental services to tourists.

Things You Need to Be Careful While Planning a Trip to Ladakh in September:

By the end of September, temperatures start to fall sharply. It may be uncomfortable for tourists who are not able to withstand low temperatures. Here are some cons of a trip to Ladakh in September:

Extreme Weather Conditions:

The weather in the region changes very rapidly, and this unpredictability makes it a challenging place for regular tourists. Though the roads are mostly open throughout the year, during rains landslides may occur. If the rains are heavy, there may be frequent power cuts in the region. Electricity usually gets disrupted and makes it more complicated for outsiders to handle situations. With the disruption to traffic, sometimes, people may get stuck for hours without proper accommodation. Network connectivity is also a severe issue during such extreme weather conditions.

Budget Issues:

As the weather conditions take unexpected turns, the cost of accommodation, transportation, and even necessities booking may suddenly go up. You may have to go over your budget to sustain such conditions.

Challenging Living Conditions:

Ladakh is beautiful to the eye, but it is also a very harsh place. Living there requires one to be physically and mentally sturdy. There is a lack of oxygen, and even during the summer months, the temperatures in the night can drop very low. The locals have become accustomed to such conditions and survive with minimal requirements. It is not always right with tourists. Tourists require proper accommodation and facilities which may not be available during their visit. In case you are planning a trip in September, the challenges are less, but they are still present. In the extreme weather conditions of Ladakh, you may have to live with very few resources. You might have to depend on prepared foods for a long time, and while you visit remote places, only noodles and eggs will be available.

Suggested Route to Reach Ladakh in September: Manali to Ladakh or Delhi to Leh airport. From Manali, you can take a taxi or rent a vehicle for yourself.

Simplified Itinerary to Plan a Ladakh Trip in September:

A simplified itinerary of 9-10 days if you are planning for a Ladakh trip in September. It also includes the days you will use to get acclimatized to high elevations.

Day 01: Arrival in Leh; spend the rest of the day at total leisure.

Day 02-03: Take a walk outside and visit a few places like markets and museums. It will help you have an understanding of the existing climate conditions at higher altitudes. If you have a high level of physical fitness, one day will be enough. Keep a few extra days at hand if you want to get fully acclimatized.

Day 04: Begin your exploration on day four. Visit places that are at some distance distant attraction like Magnetic Hill, Maitreya Buddha, Lamayuru, Shanti Stupa, and others.

Day 05: Acquire permits to visit Nubra Valley; overnight stay in Nubra Valley.

Day 06: Drive back to Leh followed by overnight stay at the Leh hotel.

Day 07: Visit Pangong Lake; spend your time enjoying the beauty of the magical lake.

Day 08: Drive back to Leh; spend the rest of the day at leisure followed by evening visit to local market and nearby tourist attraction points if time allows.

Day 09: Visit Tso Moriri Lake; drive back to Leh by evening for your overnight stay.

Day 10: End of tour; departure from Leh.


A trip to Ladakh is possible in any of the summer months if you keep in mind all the points as mentioned earlier. A September trip may sound challenging for some, but that is the best part about Ladakh, it is always challenging. Ladakh is the place where every mountain lover and adventure seeker want to go at least once in their life. But, before you embark on this trip, make sure you are both mentally and physically healthy. If you can adapt to the harsh terrain in Ladakh and have made proper preparations for your journey, you are sure to have a lot of fun.

Make sure that you book hotel rooms and transportation services before beginning the trip. Confirm everything about the place from your tour guide, and do not go anywhere you are not permitted to go. Keep your id cards safe, and when you require a permit for someplace, provide them to the officials. With care and caution, you will have a memorable Ladakh trip in September!

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