Places to Visit in Nubra Valley: Beauty of the High-Altitude

Nubra Valley, located in the northernmost part of Ladakh, is a mesmerizing destination that offers a unique mix of stunning geographies, rich artistic heritage, and serene spirituality. deposed at a high altitude, this high-altitude desert valley is characterized by vast stretches of beach stacks, snow-confined peaks, and lush green townlets.

In this blog, we will explore the top 10 places to visit in Nubra Valley that should be on every tourist’s itinerary.

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Diskit Monastery

Diskit Monastery

Kickstart your trip by visiting Diskit Monastery, the oldest and largest priory in Nubra Valley considered the best place to visit in Nubra Valley. Perched on a hilltop, this 14th-century friary offers panoramic views of the girding vale. Explore its intricately designed prayer halls, discover the giant statue of Maitreya Buddha, and substantiate the day-to-day rituals performed by the resident monks.

Tip: Respect the sanctity of the holy place by following the dress code and refraining from photography around the area.

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Hunder Sand Dunes

Indulge in a unique desert experience by visiting the Hunder Sand Dunes. Located close to the townlet of Hunder, these witching beach stacks offer a stark discrepancy to the mountainous terrain of Ladakh. Take camel transportation across the stacks, wonder at the shifting sands, and witness the mesmerizing evening over the vast breadth of the desert.

Tip: An early morning or evening visit to witness the magical play of light and shadows on the desert landscape is a must.

Sumur Village

Embrace the country charm of Nubra Valley by visiting Sumur Village. This idyllic townlet is known for its lush vineyards, antique houses, and the warm hospitality of the locals. Explore the townlet’s ancient Samstanling Monastery, enjoy a perambulation through the apple and apricot vineyards, and interact with the friendly townies to get regard for their traditional way of life.

Tip: Have a conversation with the locals and try traditional Ladakhi cuisine.


Venture further north to the hamlet of Turtuk, a retired gem that offers regard into the Balti culture and way of life. This remote village, freshly opened to excursionists, is known for its graphic beauty and warm hospitality. Explore the narrow lanes, visit the centuries-old synagogue, and interact with the locals to understand the unique artistic heritage of this region.

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Tip: Take a guided tour or hire a local guide to learn about the Balti culture and history.

Yarab Tso Lake

Yarab Tso Lake

Escape the crowds and immerse yourself in tranquillity at Yarab Tso Lake, a serene and graphic water body nestled amidst the mountains. This sacred lake holds significant spiritual significance for the locals, and numerous believe it to be a place of contemplation for Tibetan monks in ancient times. Take a peaceful walk around the lake, enjoy the reflection of the girding mountains on its pristine waters, and witness a sense of serenity.

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Tip: Plan a picnic and spend some quiet time by the lake.

Samstanling Monastery

Samstanling Monastery

Located in the Sumur Village, Samstanling Monastery is a peaceful haven that offers a serene atmosphere and stirring views of the vale. This 19th-century abbey is known for its ornate prayer halls, various murals, and a rich collection of Buddhist Holy Writs. Spend some time in contemplation or substantiation of the monks engaged in their day-to-day rituals, creating a sense of peace and soul-searching.

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Tip: Observe the monastery’s rules and regulations, such as maintaining silence and refraining from touching or disturbing artefacts.



Visit Panamik, a hamlet notorious for its natural hot springs that are believed to have medicinal tracts. Take a dip in the hot springs to rejuvenate your body and mind amidst the stunning Himalayan geographies. Panamik is also known for its beautiful monastery and the alluring views of the snow-limited peaks that compass the village.

Tip: Carry towel and spare clothes if you plan to take a dip in the hot springs.

Ensa Monastery

Ensa Monastery, also known as Ensa Gompa, is a retired gem put away in the mountains of Nubra Valley. This small and remote friary offers a serene and spiritual experience down from the crowds. The friary’s peaceful air, ancient showpieces, and stunning views of the vale make it a must-visit destination for those seeking a deeper connection with the spiritual side of Nubra.

Tip: Respect the monastery’s peaceful atmosphere and refrain from loud conversations.

Turtuk Waterfall

Located near the village of Turtuk, the Turtuk Waterfall is a retired gem that showcases the raw beauty of Nubra Valley. Girdled by towering mountains and lush verdure, the slinging cascade creates an enchanting sight. Take an unhurried hike to the cascade, enjoy fun and games by its side, and let the sound of gushing water rejuvenate your senses.

Tip: Wear comfortable shoes and be cautious while hiking to the waterfall, as the trail can be slippery.

Hunder Monastery

Conclude your trip to Nubra Valley by visiting the serene Hunder Monastery. Nestled amidst a tranquil setting, this friary offers a peaceful and spiritual retreat. respect the ancient vestiges, soak in the serene air, and carouse in the panoramic views of the vale from this elevated position.

Tip: Take some time to meditate or sit in silence, absorbing the tranquillity and spiritual vibes of the monastery.


Nubra Valley is a land of enchantment, where the stark beauty of the desert meets the admiration-inspiring majesty of the Himalayas. From ancient cloisters to beach stacks and graphic townlets, this region offers every tourist a treasure trove of gest.

Explore these 10 must-visit places in Nubra Valley, and let the vale’s mesmerizing geographies and artistic uproariousness leave an unforgettable print on your heart.

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