Places to Visit in Zanskar Valley: Serene Beauty of the Himalayas

Nestled in the heart of the potent Himalayas, Zanskar Valley is an isolated gem that offers stirring geographies, ancient cloisters, and a unique artistic experience. Located in the Ladakh region of Jammu and Kashmir, this remote dale has been blessed with admiration-inspiring beauty and a tranquil atmosphere. With its rugged terrains, towering peaks, and pristine gutters, Zanskar Valley has come a paradise for adventure suckers and nature suckers likewise.

This blog will explore the top 10 places to visit in Zanskar Valley that should be on every tourist’s diary.

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Padum, the executive centre of Zanskar, serves as the gateway to the vale. This pictorial city is girdled by snow-confined mountains and offers a peep into the original way of life. Visit the 17th-century Karsha Monastery, one of the largest monastic complexes in the region, to witness stunning showpieces and ancient vestiges.

Tip: Take the time to explore the narrow lanes of Padum to get a glance at the domestic way of life and interact with the friendly locals.

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Zongkhul Monastery

Hidden in a narrow couloir, Zongkhul Monastery is a mystical place that exudes an air of tranquillity. This sacred Buddhist priory is known for its unique delusion-like armature, making it a truly alluring sight. Outside, you can find ancient oils, statues, and Holy Writ that give sapience into the rich spiritual heritage of Zanskar.

Tip: Dress modestly and maintain a regardful stance when visiting the priory to recognize its spiritual significance.

Drang Drung Glacier

One of the most spectacular sights in Zanskar Valley is the Drang Drung Glacier. This colossal glacier stretches for roughly 23 kilometres and is girdled by majestic peaks. The glacial meltwater feeds into the Stod River, creating a mesmerizing view of turquoise-blue aqueducts mooching through the vale.

Tip: Pack warm apparel and sturdy shoes when visiting the glacier, as the temperature can drop significantly, even during the summer months.

Suru Valley

Suru Valley, located in the western part of Zanskar, is a must-visit place in Zanskar Valley. It is known as a paradise for nature lovers. Lush green meadows, gushing waterways, and antique townlets dot the geography, offering a serene and visual setting. Take a snail-like walk along the banks of the Suru River or explore beautiful townlets like Rangdum, Parkachik, and Sankoo.

Tip: Capture the stunning landscapes of Suru Valley by bringing along your camera and procuring the picturesque beauty of the region.

Phugtal Monastery

Phugtal Monastery

Nestled against a sheer precipice, the Phugtal Monastery is an architectural phenomenon and a passage point for Buddhist monks. This ancient friary, believed to be over 2,000 times old, is erected around a natural delve and is one of the best places to visit in Zanskar Valley. The rugged beauty of the surroundings adds to its charm, making it a must-visit destination for spiritual campaigners and history suckers.

Tip: Engage in a chat with the resident monks to learn further about their spiritual practices and the history of the abbey.

Chadar Trek

The Chadar Trek is a good experience for those seeking an indelible adventure. This journey takes you along the frozen Zanskar River, where you can witness the surreal beauty of icy geographies and firmly falls. Walking on the frozen swash with the towering escarpments on either side is an adrenaline-pumping experience like no other.

Tip: Prepare well for the Chadar Trek by investing in proper winter gear, including insulated apparel, touring boots, and walking sticks.

Stongdey Monastery

Positioned on a hilltop overlooking the graphic Stongdey townlet, Stongdey Monastery is one of the most important monastic institutions in Zanskar. With its beautiful murals, intricate woodwork, and serene atmosphere, this monastery offers a spiritual retreat for callers. Do not miss the chance to witness the vibrant Cham cotillion during the periodic Gustor Festival.

Tip: Plan your visit during the Gustor Festival to witness the vibrant cham dances and artistic performances.

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Panikhar is a fascinating village that offers panoramic views of the snow-clad peaks of Nun and Kun. The village is ideal for nature addicts, with several trails leading to high-altitude meadows and beautiful shoes. Immerse yourself in the tranquillity of the surroundings and interact with the friendly locals to witness the true substance of Zanskar.

Tip: Enjoy the stirring views of Nun and Kun peaks by carrying binoculars or a camera with a drone lens.


Step into the ancient area of Zangla, a place that resonates with history and artistic heritage. Explore the remains of the Zangla Palace, once the hearthstone of the Zanskari lords, and soak in the mystique of this lost area. The townlet is also known for its apricot vineyards and offers stirring views of the Zanskar River.

Tip: Visit the apricot vineyards during the crop season to savour the succulent and organic original yield.

Karsha Monastery

The largest and most important place in Zanskar, Karsha Monastery, is a treasure trove of religious vestiges and a must-visit place in Zanskar Valley. Erected in the 10th century, this friary houses a remarkable collection of thangkas (scroll oils), statues, and a massive prayer hall. Enjoy the panoramic views of the vale from the friary demesne and engage with the resident monks to gain sapience into their way of life.

Tip: Attend the morning or evening prayers at Karsha Monastery to witness the spiritual rituals performed by the monks.


Zanskar Valley is a realm of untouched natural beauty and spiritual uproariousness, where every corner tells a story. From ancient cloisters to frozen swash treks, this alluring vale offers an indelible experience for trippers seeking solace in the stage of the Himalayas. Explore these 10 places to visit in Zanskar Valley and let the serene geographies and vibrant culture of Zanskar Valley leave an unforgettable mark on your soul.

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