Things To Do In Nubra Valley

The Nubra valley is Ladakh’s precious gem. It is located on the ancient Silk Route and every aspect of this Ladakh’s pristine valley is enthralling. It comprises of a fascinating mix of secrets, some charming heritage sites, aromatic spices and a charismatic religious aura. The possibility of activities to do in Nubra Valley is nearly ceaseless. It is a faultless get away plan to steer away from the bustling city life. The small settlement provides its tourists boundless amount of adventure activities as well along with a hoard of cultural and natural wonders. Luckily for all tourists, Nubra valley is is still untouched by commercialisation and you can enjoy all its offerings in absolute peace.

There are a number of things to explore in the Nubra Valley that is unique to this land. It has in recent times become a crowd puller. The locals here do everything in their power to keep their ethnicity and traditions intact making the experience of your visit rejuvenation in itself.

So scroll down and explore the unexplored gems of exquisiteness that adorn this scenic land. Go on and tick off all these must-do things in Nubra Valley in Ladakh.

Top things to do in Nubra Valley:

Go for a Bactarian Camel Safari

The Bactrian or double-humped camel is a nature’s spectacle. To ride on the back of the is the most amazing thing to do in Nubra valley. These exclusive mammals are the remnants of the valley’s splendid trading past and in present they offer exciting safaris to all its visitors. The ride let’s you enjoy the change in terrain as the camels take you over lush green landscapes and over to a sandy desert.

What more to know: The route of the safari commences from Hunder to Turtuk village. The timings of the safari are from 9:00 a.m. to 12:00 p.m. and again from 3:00 p.m. to 6:00 p.m. A 15-minute ride approximately costs INR 300 per rider.

Soak in the panoramic view of Panamik Village

Nestled very close to the Siachen glacier, the Panamik village is popular for its uninterrupted views of the snow-clad peaks and lush green valley. It is also the highest battlefield in the world. It sits on the bank of Nubra River making the settlement look even more alluring. The village is also the trek base for Ensa gompa which is one of the most scenic trekking routes in India.

What more to know: Take a dip in the heated water springs of Panamik. These waters are augmented with a high amount of Sulphur and are believed to cure various health ailments. Panamik draws visitors to shop for woollen socks, Kashmiri carpets, artefacts and Pashmina shawls.

Come close to nature and spirituality at the holy Lake Yarab Tso

Cosseted by the riveting Himalayan peaks, the Yarab Tso Lake is also known as the ‘hidden lake’ that holds crystal-clear water that is believed to be holy by the locals. To visit and soak in its spiritual vibe is among the amazing things to do in Nubra Valley. It holds a unique place in the bucket list of every travel monger. The Yarab Tso is tucked away from the populace and the sense of calmness experienced here in unmatched.

What more to know: See the colourful flags that flutter around the crystal clear water of the holy Lake Yarab Tso. If you love a little adventure, you can trek to the Yarab Tso from Panamik Village.

Dive deep into Buddhism at the Diskit Monastery

Diskit is not only known for being the oldest monastery in the cold desert of Ladakh but also the largest Buddhist religious establishment. His Holiness, Dalai Lama, inaugurated it. The structure stands tall at a height of 10,300 feet. It was founded in the 14th century and is painted in milky white colour that adds to the undisturbed environment of the monastery.

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What more to know: The Diskit monastery is home to a 100 foot gigantic statue of Lord Buddha which is the main attraction of this place. Also you must visit the prayer hall in the monastery to see several images of fierce guardian deities as well as a huge drum.

Camp on sand dunes in Hunder village

A paradisiacal land in Nubra Valley, the Hunder village will open up a world replete with gurgling streams, gorgeous mountain sceneries, lush valleys and ancient monasteries. Camping under the stars in such a scenic environment is a must-do thing in Nubra valley. The bonfire will keep you warm and the soft local music along with barbeque and other Ladakhi delicacies will make it for an experience you will cherish for a long time.

What more to know: The Nubra Ethnic Camps, The Mystique Meadows Earth Homes, Apple Nubra Cottages and Cold Desert Camp are some of the best camp options in the Hunder village.

Feast on the traditional Ladakhi food

Ladakhi cookery is known to be everything related to momos and noodle soups. However, when you dive deep into the town’s gastronomy, you will know that it is vast and distinct. Nubra Valley is famous as a foodie’s hub where the dishes are sourced almost entirely from its own organic farms and orchards. The cuisine comprises of an amalgamation of Tibetan, Chinese, Continental and Korean kitchens. The more commonly used meats are chicken and mutton. Ladakhi food also uses several dry fruits and spices that makes their food more aromatic and flavourful.

What more to know: The Gyantse Restaurant and the Rangyul Guest House are among the popular choices of restaurants in Nubra valley.

Enjoy a cup of hot butter tea at the Khardung La Pass

The picturesque panoramic views and fresh crisp air of Khardung La calls out to all the tourists from every nook and corner of the world. You will feel on top of the world, quite literally as it is the world’s highest motorable pass. The thrill of being at the top most point is a thing you must experience in Nubra Valley. It is also a haven for automobile and mountain biking expeditions. When you make it to the top of the pass, take a halt and sip on some hot butter tea, which is a speciality of the valley and enjoy the majestic views.

What more to know: The average temperature at this pass ranges between -20 to -40 degrees. It is severely cold throughout and you must be equipped to deal with such freezing temperature.

Bask in the serenity of the Samstanling Monastery

A charming little treasure of the Nubra valley, the Samstanling Monastery is set against the backdrop of scenic mountains and beckons from afar with its discrete traditional hues of red, gold, ocher and white. The sunset views from here are breath-taking. You can also spend some time with the monks here and gain an insight on spirituality and Buddhism. You must carry light woollen jackets as it may get a little chilly at night.

What more to know: Visit the older assembly hall where you can see the exquisite murals and hangings of Buddha and his teachings.

Go for a Yak safari

The Himalayan valleys are home to many yaks. They are found in cold deserted regions only and hence are unique to the terrain. The Yak is also the largest animal in Ladakh. A ride on its back is an experience that cannot be missed in Nubra valley. The journey will take you amidst the marvellous sand dunes and you can explore the pristine lakes, glacial valleys, chiselled snow peaks and view of gurgling streams on their backs. It is the most thrilling way to explore this high altitude cold desert of Ladakh.

What more to know: The duration of the safari can range from anything between 20 minutes to an hour or more, depending on the route you choose. It is best to have your safari booked well in advance.

Splurge on shopping

If you are interested in purchasing high-quality handicrafts and handlooms, then the Nubra valley is the perfect destination for you. Lovely curios can be procured at the small souvenir shops set outside sightseeing spots such as the Diskit monastery and in Hunder village. There are several shops that sell Kashmiri and Tibetan artefacts as well. Furthermore, it is a great place to buy Kashmiri carpets, Pashmina shawls and woollen socks. Horticulture products like apples and apricots are also worth buying.

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What more to know: Do not be ripped off by the local shopkeepers here. Make sure your bargaining skills are impeccable while purchasing anything from the local bazaars in Nubra Valley.

We have summarised the most offbeat things to do in Nubra Valley which we hope is a piece of evidence that Ladakh is not just about monasteries and natural beauty. If you need a fun-filled getaway with friends or family, then this mesmerising Himalayan valley has all the components for a perfect holiday recipe.

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